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Best food from
best sources

If you can desire it, we can give it to you

- "La Torretta" Market in Naples

Enzo & Raffaella Enterprising

Enzo and Raffaella's initiative is one of the engines of their family business. The desire, as well as the pride, to see prosper their own business requires constant research, improvement, opportunity and development. This is not only for themselves, but also for the organization, the employees and surroundings.

The humble beginnings

We started in 1980 in Naples by opening our business in La Torretta market, a daily fresh market conveniently located in Mergellina district, the heart of yachts activity in town. We are a family-run business and our peculiarity is the passion we put in our job. When sourcing our products, we never compromise, looking only for the best and non-industrial food and wines, coming from hand-picked producers. We ensure that everything we provide our clients with is produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Sustainability is high on our priority list and we decided long ago to work exclusively and directly with our farmers, butchers, bakers, winemakers and fishermen.

Whether they be local or international, we know where our products are coming from and who is behind them, taking exceptional pride in that.

- Napolitan enterprising spirit

Our Promise

We only put our trust in providers who deliver fresh, sustainable and organic products.

Enzo Esposito, CEO

Our Philosophy


Fresh ingredients

the foundation of every recipe


with love

Premium Quality

only certified and trusted suppliers