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Why Choose Us

Yachts Served
85  %
Returning Rate

At E&R we believe that the trust between a yacht Chef and his Provisioner is what truly makes the difference in yachting supplying.  Being in this industry since 1980 we always worked with this primary goal in our minds and the results are tangibles. In fact, we achieved an unparalleled relationship with all our clients leading us to serve more than 260 yachts and superyachts with a client returning rate of over 85%.

Understanding and anticipating every possible outcome is a sort of second nature to us. All shipments and deliveries are managed with maximum care and efficiency. Nothing influences the success of a trip more than the food being plated and no one takes that responsibility more seriously than our Company.

For this reason, we take great pride in working directly with niche farmers, butchers and fishmongers in order to supply our Clients with the finest produce. Fresh and frozen seafood, shellfish, Wagyu, Kobe and Prime beef, organic game, free-range poultry, Asian specialties, European confections, an unmatched cheese selection, custom desserts, and much, much more. Only the freshest, most remarkable and niche ingredients are supplied directly onboard, always respecting the cold chain requirements. We know full well our reputation is put on the line with each and every delivery, so quality is our absolute paramount.